California Adult Education Administrators Association

About Us

About Us

The California Adult Education Administrators' Association is a statewide organization open to administrators or management personnel who work in, or support, adult education programs. The purpose of the organization is to support and promote public school adult education offered through unified and union high school districts. The association sponsors activities that promote excellence and innovation in the administration of adult education programs and maintains regular communication concerning adult education issues with administrators of the state's adult education programs.

Legislative Advocacy 

A major educational lobbyist firm, School Innovations and Advocacy, represents the interests of CAEAA and adult education with state lawmakers. 

CAEAA regularly follows all legislation that affects adult education on a local and statewide level. 

CAEAA works collaboratively with the other adult education professional organizations to ensure that all of adult education presents a united legislative platform. 

CAEAA plays an active role in the passage of legislation important to adult education.